Friday, July 10, 2009

Florida Real Estate - Time to Buy?

I was networking tonight with a group from WIRE. This is a grat group whose focus is on education and networking as it relates to real estate, marketing and business growth. I'm always interested in groups that have value added networking. Let's meet, learn how we can help each other and at the same time get ideas that will enhance what we do.

Anyway, when asked by one gentlemen, an attorney, "what did I do", I stated that I was a real estate investor, and national real estate coach giving others the opportunity to learn how to invest in real estate or partner. His response surprised me - "you mean there are some investors left?" Wow, are there ever!

Is now a good time to invest? Yes! If you don't know how, find out! Do some research, seek out those who do and learn from them. Did you know that a large portion of America's foreclosed properties are in Florida? Do you realize that the banks are trying to sell of property in an attempt to recover their assets? This creates a great opportunity for real estate investors. Sales have increased significantly in SW Florida and inventory is still high, creating the "perfect storm". It's time to hone your negotiating skills, get creative on the funding, close on contracts, and make some money!

We've recently closed on some fantastic deals, purchasing several properties at $25 per sq ft, you can't build it for that price. One of our students has a quick turn deal she is working on tht will give her a nice fat check for the short amount of time she has into it. She just started with us last week and already has a deal in the works! Another student has been trying to get his first deal for the last 18 months, again his first week with us, he learned how to see the deal and - viola he bought a property sub to, which he plans to wholesale.

These are just a couple of examples of the possibilities that exist in real estate investing today. I encourage you to look around in your area. Pick an area you're familiar with and do some due diligence. Are there many foreclosures? What are the houses selling for? What is the condition of the properties? Is it an area people would like to live? Is it rental or more homeowners? What would the cost of repairs be? If I bought it, what is my exit strategy? Is it an area with HOA fees? You get the idea.

I would encourage you to participate in the real estate game, it is an exciting time, one we may not see again for a long, long time.

To Your Success,



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